The Top 15 Side-Effects of the Female Orgasm Pill

15> Forget your anniversary? No problem. Forget to stop at the
pharmacy? Kiss your sorry ass good-bye.

14> More huge smiles & dazed looks than at a Moonie mass wedding.

13> Entire male population puts on their Nikes, knits a purple
shroud, and sits down for a nice lunch of applesauce and vodka.

12> Spiking the punch *really* shakes things up at the Senior Prom.

11> The President finds he has much more time to deny allegations.

10> Sen. Orrin Hatch withdraws Constitutional Amendment to ban pill
after a good ass-kicking from Mrs. Hatch.

9> Undertakers working overtime to wipe those smiles off.

8> Severe sales slump forces the Energizer Bunny to look for work

7> Finally, after several decades -- a new topic for
Country-Western songs!

6> The Betty Ford Clinic adds a new wing.

5> Due to unexpected flashbacks, housewives everywhere are being
banned from the supermarket.

4> Porno movie casts pared down to a woman and a glass of water.

3> "Hi, handsome. The bartender tells me you're a pharmacist..."

2> "Coming, Mother!" takes on a whole new meaning.

and the Number 1 Side-Effect of the Female Orgasm Pill...

1> Janet Reno cracks a smile.