The Spoon

A guy went into a restaurant and was taken to a table by the head waiter.
As he sat in the chair, he knocked the spoon onto the floor. The head
waiter reached into his pocket, pulled out another spoon and placed it
on the table.

The guy asked, " How come you had the spoon in your pocket?"
The head waiter responded, " We had a resource management team come
through and look at our jobs to suggest ways we could improve. They found that
31% of our customers knock their spoon onto the floor. If we carry one with
us, it saves time by not having to go to the kitchen to get a clean one."

"That's a good idea," the guy said.

After finishing his meal, the guy got up to pay for his meal. As he
was paying, he noticed that the head waiter had a piece of string
hanging from his
fly and told the waiter about it.

The head waiter acknowledged the string. "The resource management team
suggested ways to improve our jobs. They suggested that if we have a
piece of string attached to our fly, we can pull on the string and the old
fella will drop out. That way we haven't used our hands and we don't need to
wash them, thus saving time."

"What a great idea" says the guy. He paid for his meal and turned to
leave the restaurant. As he reached the door he realised that there was
something wrong with that idea. He turned to the head waiter and asked,
" do you get your old fella back in your pants?"

" Well I don't know about the other guys, but I use the spoon."