Stepice's Quebecois Deaf joke!!!!

From Stephane of Montreal, Canada

A deaf couple were discussing at noon what to eat for dinner. The wife
tells her hubby to go to the seafood market to buy 50 pds of escargots (live
snails). The hubby then walks to the market, enters, buys the escargots and
then leaves the market. As he walks back home, he sees a bar and decides to
go there because he is thirsty for a beer and that he had plenty of time left
before suppertime. Once when he is in the bar, he sits down at the bar
counter and orders a beer so that he could observe people. Then, a few guys
approaches the deaf man and gestures with him,buys a big pitcher of beer
for them to share and they continue to gesture with the deaf man. As the
hours pass by, they are still gesturing and that first pitcher of beer grows
into a couple of pitchers. The deaf man then looks at his watch, and it says,
5 p.m. and realizes that he is late for suppertime. He takes the bag full of
escargots with him from under the stool and then runs of the bar. As he runs,
he bumps into a deaf chum whom he has not seen for a long time. The deaf chum
invites him to go to the bar with him, but he says no, I have to go because
its suppertime and my wife is waiting for me! But the deaf chum says to the
deaf man, your wife is such a control freak and a nag! Besides, we haven't
seen each other for a long time, so will you please come over to have some
beers with me at the bar for a while? The deaf man gives in and goes over to
the bar with his chum and they chat and drink some beers.But they have
chatted and drank until the bar closed so the deaf man says good bye to his
friend and heads for home. He arrives home and sees that the lights are off
in his house, meaning his wife is asleep. The deaf man then remembers that he
forgot his house key, so he has to ring the bell. The lights turn on and then
knowing that his wife can be a bitch because she can smell his beer breath.
So he thinks What can I do? Then a great idea pops up in his mind and he
spills the snails out of the bag until they fall on the porch and are moving
around. Then the wife opens the door and she looks pissed off, but the deaf
man pretends to push the snails, and then says, I am sorry it took me so
long, I've been pushing the snails all the way from the market. The wife then
says, O.K., but try to make the snails hurry up into the kitchen!!!